My Dad

It’s been a couple years since I’ve been able to celebrate either Hallmark Holiday with either of my parents, so for now, I write.

My dad was always the hard one to buy anything for, usually because he said he didn’t want anything and meant it. Sometimes there would be a list of tools that I usually knew nothing about that would help dad help our family.


Often times when I think about my dad, I think about the amount of money he saved our family. His know-how from growing up on a farm, his engineering skills, and his selfless attitude saved our family from unneeded expenses as he taught my sister and me how to garden in Auburn, how to make fresh-squeezed orange juice from the trees he nurtured in Florida, and even built us a fence for the dog that I loved that was often more a pain than a comfort.


He taught me how to budget so that, God willing, I would not have any debt – at least not from lack of planning. He taught me to change a tire, and he makes the best green beans  the world has ever seen. He gave me my love of hot sauce and sweets…


….but more importantly, he gave me a love of Jesus.


Our youth minister growing up always told us that if you didn’t have a good father, it made your relationship with God that much harder. When you are missing the earthly example, understanding the heavenly could seem almost unattainable. Not my dad. My dad was selfless, hardworking, and full of grace, and for that I’ll always be thankful!


My earliest memory of the selflessness of my dad was one Saturday in Auburn. I was about 8 and thought I was supposed to go to the football game with my dad. He left without me, not knowing that I had expected to go to the game. Mom called, and he turned around. He didn’t have a ticket for me to the game, and him turning around in gameday traffic would have made him miss kickoff, but he loved me enough to spend the money and miss the Auburn traditions, so that I could be there with him.


He’s the stronghold of the family, the quiet one, but the one with the pops of often brilliant observations. He’s my dad and I’m ever grateful. Here’s to a day of Andy Griffith and blackberry cobbler! (Don’t forget the ice cream!)


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Many blessings to you all!



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