Constant rain patters on my window today, but on Sunday it simply wasn’t so. The sun shone brightly and it reminded me of the Grecian sun where I stood a year ago today. Though Sunday wasn’t eating Baklava in a foreign land, it held a treasure just as sweet, it held Kinsey.

My dearest friend, my name twin, and claimer of the rice explosion/Canada expedition of 2015, it had been a year and a half since I last saw her.

On Sunday, Daniel, Kinsey, and I met in Greenville for a beautiful lunch and a walk through the park.

Though time has passed, nothing has changed except our friendship, and it’s only changed as it’s become stronger!


We walked through the town reminiscing over the past and how much we had missed the south. Greenville had all the charm anyone could expect, from beautiful landscapes to scenic buildings, and of course, great food.

She showered me with an early birthday from start to finish with lunch, dessert, and a beautiful book about Paris.


“Everyone Loves Paris,” as it reads, and so do I, but even though I love Paris, I was simply happy in Greenville because it gave me a chance to see my friend!


Thank you for such a wonderful day!

Blessings to you all!



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