A Beautiful Week

I looked at the scale in disbelief. 45 pounds down and only ounces away from hitting the original goal of 140. It’s been a long journey these past 2 and a half year, but almost 2 and a half years to the day, I’m inches from reaching my goal. That is a beautiful feeling and one that blossomed as the week progressed. Though working on patience is always prudent, those .2 pounds can happily flop off any time they choose.

Following two rather tumultuous weeks, I was able to resume German lessons. The vocabulary is easy to learn. Memorizing things comes naturally, but German sentence structure does not.

However, I got a very practical application lesson this week as my friend emailed me, in German, a recipe for my beloved Reibekuchen. With an immediate lack of time and onions, and a desire for German food, I popped over to the local German bakery to buy Sonnenblumenbrot…and possibly a chocolate croissant that I potentially inhaled too quickly…hence, no photo.

When I reached the bakery for the first time, a grin of gargantuan proportions spread over my face as I saw boxes for Knödel, Ritter Sport Chocolate, and Haribo to name a few. Just one bite into the chocolate croissant transported me back to the rolling hills that cast shadows as Jules, Alice, and I would walk along the Rhein.

Though those actual views are thousands of miles away, I am reminded that we have beautiful views at home too. Our church group ventured to Sawnee Mountain Park after church on Sabbath. Being in nature is that much closer to being in the presence of God and I enjoy every minute. The beautiful sun beating down on our faces was a welcome contrast to the clear, cold mountain air as we hiked to the top of the mountain to look down at the view below.



I have made wonderful and beautiful friends in this group and I am happy to have shared the day with them!


One of the church members has volunteered to give me guitar lessons for the immediate future as I try and continue improving my musical repertoire. More difficult than I expected, I was humbled and filled with laughter as I struggled through this first lesson.


The struggle was made better as I had a quiet Sunday morning to finally make my Reibekuchen.



It’s been a beautiful week! May this next week be as wonderful for each of you and as happy a Reibekuchen makes me!

Many blessings as always,




One thought on “A Beautiful Week

  1. Hi fellow FSU clarinet player! I have a student with VP and we just read your thesis. Please email me, as she is a FL resident and we need a doctor/specialist!


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