It’s a beautiful thing when friendships can stand the test of time. An encourager, a prayer warrior, a photographer, an artist, and a kindred spirit, Diana has been all the above and more! She was in town for a wedding and 14 months after my last trip to Boston, we were finally reunited. Late night … More Friendship


I read a beautiful excerpt in my bible study this morning that I wanted to share with you! “Hope inspires. Hope gives new strength. Hope lets us sing and be joyful. Hope is essential for life. Without hope, what is the purpose of life? Having hope, however, is something different from being optimistic. The optimist … More Hope


Spring has sprung! A beautiful season where flowers bloom, friendships grow, and the sun peeks its head after hiding beneath the dark covering of the gray and somber clouds of winter. This week promises to be a beautiful one as I will be reunited with my dear friend, Diana, after over a year apart! This … More Frühling

A Happy Weekend

Following a beautiful Sabbath meal, friends and family gathered from across the Southeast to come to a concert featuring the Atlanta Wind Symphony, a concert I was truly proud to be apart of. The concert hall was one of the prettiest I’ve had the pleasure of playing in, and the music shone brightly as the … More A Happy Weekend

A Beautiful Week

I looked at the scale in disbelief. 45 pounds down and only ounces away from hitting the original goal of 140. It’s been a long journey these past 2 and a half year, but almost 2 and a half years to the day, I’m inches from reaching my goal. That is a beautiful feeling and … More A Beautiful Week