The Calm After the Storm

Reality hasn’t fully set in. I’m sitting in my floor of my new apartment with clothes strewn von hier nach da, but that’s to be expected as you move. The giant task that sits in front of me seems a burden of sorts, but yet I’m grateful. Grateful to have clothes for my back and shoes for my feet.

The room is small and made smaller by the darkened green that cast shadows as the sun plays games upon its walls. Not the cheery blue that I’m used to, but it’s mine just the same.

I played my first concert in two years today. Those with whom I played, played simply for the love. With most members aided with hearing aids, the band may not have played in tune, but they played with heart and gusto and that’s what counted.


My dress was one given to me by my grandmother, one that she wore many years ago. I was proud to wear it on stage and share in the family heritage.


It was a beautiful day after all. This calm after the storm.

May the Lord bless you and keep you this week.

Blessings as always,




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