Germany, Haircuts, and a new Nephew (puppy edition.)

Last year about this time I was walking into a hair salon where I could speak approximately twenty words in German. I’m not one for foofs and frills so going twice a year to get my hair cut usually suffices. My number one rule is that my hair must be long enough to fit in a pony tail. Still, the thought that the person behind you may or may not understand what you’ve attempted to describe in your limited vocabulary is frightening as they prepare to take a pair of shears and start trimming away at your orange-ish hair.

Today was a little different. Today, I was able to go to a salon where my aunt knew and respected someone in the business. It was in my native language in the beautiful up-scale region of Atlanta, Buckhead. I knew I was in good hands.

Shelly was warm, energetic, and full of advice. I appreciated my time with her. In addition to the cut, she through in the blow dry and styling for free. Beautiful and kind, she made my day!


Last night, my mom sent me a picture of my new nephew which in all reality may or may not resemble that of a basset hound and may or may not be named Lafayette as in the Aristocats prancing around Paris, France Lafayette.


I cannot wait to cuddle with that puppy and pet his sweet ears! Animals are family no matter how you look at it and ours keeps on growing!


This weekend, a Rabbi is coming to our church on Sabbath to teach us about Jewish culture and some historical facts about their (our) history! I’m very much looking forward to it!

I’m learning now that trusting Jesus is the only way! Those days, moments, and people may not be what you expected, God is sovereign and constant!

Til next time! Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week!



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