The Red Velvet Disaster

You know… there are some days that one should never bake and apparently today was one of those days. We wanted to make cake batter cookies of the red velvet variation, truly a staple in the home of any southerner. The directions said that the batter was usually a little dry and so reaching into my back pocket of baking knowledge, I added a little oil and a small dollop of sour cream.

It looked as though it was all coming together perfectly and yet it kept mixing. Somehow magically,the batter was something in between cake and cookie batter. I tried to fix it with flour, but we’ve ended up with some conglomeration of sticky, red, cookie dough.


With hands now stained blood red, I stuck the dough in the oven and hoped for the best. As I peeped a look through the glass oven door, the cookies began to crinkle and I had hope. Resembling something a little more like a blood-stained pancakes, the only thing left was to taste.



As the little ones and I approached the cookies timidly, their eyes just peaking over the counter we tried one. “Well?” I asked. Their eyes got big. YUMMMMM. So I dared to try a bite. People, I’ve invented red velvet brownies that look like cookies.


Don’t ask how, but it was done. Never to be recreated, this baking experiment is a one and done. The disaster was saved and I can go to bed peacefully.

Happy Sabbath Everyone! May your day be less eventful than my cookie baking adventure!

Much love,



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