We Are All The Same

Red,  yellow, black, white, gay,  straight,  Christian,  Muslim,  Atheist,  American,  British,  French,  German,  or something in-between,  we are all the same.

As I sense division strengthening in this country,  I’ve been lost with ways to help.  However,  we are one and so we must help.   The same blood that runs through me also runs through each of you.  Today,  I chose to make a difference in the way I knew how.  I gave back.  It took an hour of my day to drive to the Red Cross,  to answer the questionaire,  test my blood,  and donate.  That’s it.

Donating blood saves lives and what better way to serve? An hour of my day to save up to three people’s lives! I can’t think of anything better.

Choose today to give back to all of humanity! Donate,  encourage,  and be kind to everyone always!

Much love today and always!





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