The First Week

The first week of work was a smoother transition than I could have hoped for. A beautiful family that believes in kindness, order, and interrupting chickens, these southerners know how to provide the ultimate balance of laughter, love, and guidance.

One of the great joys of living in Atlanta is the proximity to close friends and family. My sweet friend, Allison, and her husband, Tyler, now live in Atlanta. I’ve known both since High School and we all went to the FSU  College of Music together. We spent all of Wednesday catching up on the last two years, laughing til our bellies ached, and sharing our love of Christ. This year will be filled with many more memories together. Of that I can be sure.


I’ve been accepted to two concert bands here in Atlanta, both the Atlanta Concert Band and the Atlanta Wind Symphony. I’m finally back playing music the way I want to. With my rekindled love of playing came a question of how to honor God with this gift and also the day that He has given to us.

This week, I was able to see the pathways that God lays down and how they all have come together. Seven years ago I met Diana at FSU Summer Music Camps, Four or so years ago, Diana met Kevin at an A cappella competition, and yesterday our friendships came together full-circle. With questions regarding the performing musician and the Sabbath, Diana provided a connection between Kevin Olusola, of two-time grammy award winning Pentatonix, and me.

I’m humbled and amazed that a man with everything under the sun to do took time from his busy performing schedule to sit and skype with me for an entire hour to talk about God and the way God worked/is working through his life as a performing musician. The kind, thoughtful, and well-articulated words have left an impact on me and helped guided how I might use music to glorify God’s kingdom.

Today, I was able to visit a church in the area followed by a potluck with the entire Young Adult’s ministry. The house was filled with the voices clear as church bells singing Sweet Holy Spirit. My seemingly never-ending stream of questions was met with eager and intellectual answers as the leaders of the group stayed hours with me afterwards to pour over scripture and history.

I’m thankful for this community and the opportunities I’ve been given.

May God bless each of you today and always. Happy Sabbath!



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