The Treetops Glistened

I made it to Atlanta safe and sound before the great winter ice storm of 2017. And by winter ice storm, I really mean a dusting of snow that had kids out of school early, people stocking their pantries, and grocery stores emptied of all basic necessities. Something I would have laughed at during my time in Michigan turned to marginally more justified concerns as the south simply isn’t prepared for any type of winter weather.

The only true disappointment for me was that the church I was eager to attend was closed due to the safety concerns of the community. Instead, I was able to snuggle into my cozy blue room and study the bible from home.

An afternoon walk completed the day as I found new hiking trails to explore.


The trails were decorated simply with icicles that made the tree tops glisten through the bright winter sun.

All in all, the transition has been quite smooth. Tonight, I’ll have my first rehearsal with one of the community bands in the area! I’m quite excited about this new little adventure in life!

Many blessings to you all!




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