I’m Moving…Again

Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta to jump right in to the next chapter of my life! An unexpected snow has made the decision for me to leave a day early that much easier. My friends in Germany have been sending pictures of their most recent snow and though happy for them, I am itching to be able to play in some of the pure, white, flurries of my own. I may have that chance this very weekend.

Should the weather remain of a respectable nature, I will attend the first of my trial runs with the Atlanta Band Community on Sunday! I’ve been able to get into a rhythm practicing which has been rather amiss this past year and a half. Those first moments weren’t withought some squawking of an elementary nature. Not to worry, I’m quite on the mend, as well as some of the ears of the family members, and will soon be resumed to the level of playing I find presentable.

 “Variations sur un air du pays d’Oc” Kensley Behel – University of Michigan M.M. Recital 

Yesterday, I began the first of my German lessons! My desire to be fluent hasn’t dwindled. In fact , just the opposite has occurred since arriving back on American soil! Luckily, I will be able to continue lessons from Atlanta so that when I’m able to return to Germany, I will be able to  speak with more confidence than ever before!

I am happy to have visitors in Atlanta! Come and visit at any time!

Much love and many blessings!



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