I’m Home!

I landed safely and am enjoying the beautiful Florida sun with my family! The flight back was smooth and with no one seated beside me, I was able to stretch out an nap a little bit!

A quick stay in Miami with Tosha allowed me to catch a Megabus the next morning to Tampa where my dad picked me up to bring me to our family beach house! We spent lots of our trip talking about theology and learning about the bible together! It’s so special to have a dad that cares so much about Jesus and wants to share!

Mom had surprised me with Chocolate and  Sauerkraut from Germany (obviously not together!) To my great joy, there is now an Aldi in the town I live in, so I will have little pieces of Germany with me when I go shop!

Mom and I spent the morning Saturday walking on the beach where we found the most amazing bunch of shells. It’s beautiful to be able to spend this time with God in his creation!

I have to be honest, I don’t miss the bitter cold, gray, and cloudy days of Germany. I’m sitting in shorts as I write this and I absolutely jumped for joy to see the sun and dance in the sun with the sand between my toes.


My grandparents came down for the day and it was a day filled with laughter and stories catching up on all I had missed the last year. We did a country count and I’ve got a bit of work to do. My grandfather with 32 countries, my grandmother with 20, and me with 15, I’m up for the challenge!

Thank you all for your prayers of safety!

For my friends in Europe, I miss you dearly, and for my friends at home, I will see you very soon!

Much love and many blessings from me and mom on this warm and beautiful Sunday!



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