Anne Frank

At the end of 8th grade,as I walked out of my final English class at Lakeside Jr. High, my teacher handed me a copy of Anne Frank’s diary. Never in my wildest imagination would I have dreamed that I would walk through her hiding place twelve years later. 

Pictures weren’t allowed inside, and to be honest their wasn’t much to photograph in the way of furniture as Otto Frank, (the only survivor of the family,) requested that their be no furniture inside. 

The family was able to stay in hiding for almost two years between 1942 – 1944 before they were sold out by a confidant. 

What was striking is how often Anne wrote about wishing to see sunlight and wanting to feel happy. In Amsterdam, it has been remarkably sunny. Quite the stark contrast to the endless dreary cloud covered skies of Germany. Even in these short few days, I’ve noticed the immense difference in my overall attitude and demeanor simply from sunlight. 

As I walked through the original hidden passageway behind the bookshelf, the eerie darkness immediately drained all cheerfulness. To live in such close quarters with no light, to run for your life because of your beliefs is unimaginable to me

Anne’s lone wish, aside from freedom, was to be published. Little did she know that her red-checkered diary would be translated for the world to read. 

I know what I want, I have a goal, I have opinions, a religion, and love.

-Anne Frank, April 11,1944.

May we all live with her courage and faith. 

Wishing for y’all to have a peace and love-filled Wednesday .



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