The Misfits

There’s an old Christmas story about the island of misfit toys. Yesterday, we were the mirrored, living example of this classic tale. Among the conglomeration ranging from Portugal, England, Germany, America, Lebanon, Spain, and others, a group of three found ourselves on the red couch across the room from the food and the rest of the crowd. Separated only for the deliberate attempt to control the amount of sweets inhaled, as can prove problematic this time of year. 

Kat, the lively, British story teller without a shy bone in her body, dove quickly into her life story detailing her passions and goals for her degrees in Baroque music. Hearing a similarity in her voice and wishing to bond with this bubbly human, I mentioned how a few years ago I came out of surgery with a British accent and wound up in a medical journal that you can Google today. Not to be outdone, she pipes up, “I’m also in a medical journal for a rare blood disorder.” Following a fascinating explanation, I turned to Annick who had been rather quiet thus far to ask if she had a story to match, half expecting her to get up and leave our mystifying conversation only to have her pop up and describe her story of also staring in a medical journal for her teeth. And so we became the misfits. 

Currently doubled over in uncontrollable laughter, Moriz, the German, composer, singer, conductor, philosopher of sorts, waltzes over wishing to join the ‘cool kids crowd’ because we were having too much fun. And that my friend is how we all succumbed to a belly-aching laughter I’ve never before experienced because the Island of Medical Journal Misfits were labeled the ‘cool kid’s for the first time in our adventurous lives.


Today began the opposite of how last night ended. A quiet morning, just me with my bible, my journal, and my granola spending some quality time with our Creator before hitting the streets of Amsterdam. In an attempt to save money, I decided to walk the 1.5 hours into town, instead of using public transportation. Walking into town showcased a myriad of culture and art that kept my head turning in every direction.

Once I entered De Negen Straatjes (the nine little streets,) everything seemed to close in. What once was wide open spaces came closer together as the houses leaned in almost as if they were listening to the canal speak to them. 

The church towering over the city showcased two rather astonishing masterpieces. One, the gorgeous organ, and two, the burning bush advent candle that gave reference to the burning bush speaking to Moses. 

After Annick was finished with her classes, we went to a bookstore and drank the best hot chocolate of my life. It came with a side of whipped cream and a chocolate candy. Not only that, but the chocolate at the bottom were morsels that we got to stir in ourselves! A delightful afternoon treat to be sure! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking pictures and tasting cheese at the cheese museum.

Amsterdam make sure to welcome one and all! 

Tomorrow I’ll head to the Anne Frank Museum. Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Monday! 



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