The Sun: Flashback Friday

The sun has all but disappeared here in Germany. Hiding, teasing, and occasionally popping its head up to remind you what you are missing out on. Today is particularly dreary. A weird fog has settled over the mountain top on which I now reside and the trees dance eerily to and fro. Even their dance is not inviting enough to make you step outside today.

But I have my pictures and my memories from days ago that shine a light on the happy and beautiful times. I like to stay indoors particularly during this time of year. Cuddled up in a blanket reading a book and sipping tea, there’s not much that can make me happier.

I have to remind myself to actually go outside and experience fresh air and to take in these last moments here in Germany. I can read a book inside anywhere, but I can’t always walk the mountains of Germany.


I met a friend on the way. A sweet horse, let’s call him Bob. He just let me pet him and if I would stop, he would nudge my hand to resume stroking his mane.

As the sun was setting, I took one final picture. The sun isn’t here today, but it will show its face again!


Have a beautiful Friday, a Happy Sabbath, and a wonderful weekend!

Much love as always,



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