No Resolutions

Is your desire to change because of your own resolution, is it for another person, or is prompted from a desire to live a God-centered life? It’s been a long-standing tradition that I don’t set New Years resolutions. The contemporary idea that this particular day in time is a day to wait for to start … More No Resolutions


I’ll admit it. I’ve absolutely, completely, 100% taken over the house with my arts & craft projects! First came the sorting: Then the explosion: A shopping trip to Michael’s to get the materials I dreamed of, and finally some finished projects!   I’m only just to the beginning of October 2015 and I’ve enjoyed the … More Remembering

Our Christmas

Everything was a little different this year. It was just mom, dad, and me sitting around the tree. There were no piles of presents to be opened as our gift this year was Iceland and that’s exactly the way it should be. I’ve come to a point in my life where the need for who … More Our Christmas

Exciting News!

In most exciting news, I’ve accepted a job offer in Atlanta and will be moving to Georgia in the beginning of January. A capital city with more to offer than I could imagine, I’m thrilled to move my life forward. With hiking trails, mountains to climb, family, and opportunities to continue playing the clarinet, I … More Exciting News!

I’m Home!

I landed safely and am enjoying the beautiful Florida sun with my family! The flight back was smooth and with no one seated beside me, I was able to stretch out an nap a little bit! A quick stay in Miami with Tosha allowed me to catch a Megabus the next morning to Tampa where … More I’m Home!

Thing’s I’ll Miss

The Bread Speaking German everyday The close proximity to other countries Chocolate…the good stuff that’s not Hershey’s Did I mention the bread? Walking EVERYWHERE The cheap and efficient transportation My host families Christmas Markets My church Reibekuchen Visiting Cathedrals My wonderful friends Hiking the Siebengebirge Flying off to new countries in a whim and so … More Thing’s I’ll Miss

Saying Goodbye

In the end, saying goodbye means saying hello to someone or something else. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last month as the time to leave Germany has come closer and closer; and with one day to go, all my goodbyes have been said. Letters have been mailed, hugs and gifts exchanged, and … More Saying Goodbye


Annick had the day off from school today, and so we ventured to the neighboring town of Haarlem to see what has been classified as one of the remaining “Typical Dutch Towns.” Our original draw to the city was that it housed Corrie ten Boom, a truly fascinating and God-fearing woman who helped hundreds of Jews … More Haarlem

Anne Frank

At the end of 8th grade,as I walked out of my final English class at Lakeside Jr. High, my teacher handed me a copy of Anne Frank’s diary. Never in my wildest imagination would I have dreamed that I would walk through her hiding place twelve years later.     Pictures weren’t allowed inside, and to … More Anne Frank