Following our amazing Thanksgiving meal and a good night of sleep, Dina and I spent Friday walking through the markets and exploring Stuttgart. We shared a yummy waffle before returning home. For lunch, we roasted root vegetables with olive oil and spices before  sitting down to watch a documentary on the Mormon church. Their are many members of the Mormon church here in Bonn, and I was curious to learn more about their beliefs. After the documentary, we prepared for Sabbath together!


The church in Stuttgart was warm and welcoming as all of the churches in Germany have been. One special individual in particular gave above and beyond. I mentioned how much I loved her CD that Dina had playing in the car on Friday, and she brought me not one, but two CD’s to enjoy! I’m so thankful for her gift and her time that she’s put into this music. It’s really exceptional and she is able to bless both the church and the community with her gift. An inspiration to be sure.

The warm timbres of her voice meld and interweave perfectly between the piano and cello so as not to overwhelm, even more so, to have a conversation. If you’re looking for beautiful, simple yet intricate, and heart-warming music that glorifies God, I suggest looking at her page! Christopher and Rabea Kramp


Sunday was spent with another lovely family from the church. Their kids were unbelievably kind and warm, attentive even beyond the control of most adults. At 7 years old, the eldest asked me what I had read from my bible that morning and wanted to discuss it. I told her I had read 1 Peter where it talks about if someone hurts us, we are still supposed to be compassionate and humble, and likewise, if we are persecuted because of Christ, we should give thanks for we are blessed. A beautiful family, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet them. They told me that should I ever have the chance to return to Germany, their home was always open to me! The German people have been nothing  but kind, welcoming, and humble. I’ve learned so much from them! Also, they had a bunny. A fluffy, little, white, wiggly bunny that I got to hold! I was squealing with joy!


The following morning at 5:30, Dina, Bogdan, and I had a bible study on the Three Angles Message in Revelation before running to catch my train. It’s the second time I’ve been late to catch the train from Stuttgart to Bonn and for the second time, after fervent prayer to God, the train has been held and I have been blessed to make it! God is good!

As my time here in Germany is rapidly coming to an end, the incredible Alice gave me something to make my last days a little sweeter. It’s tradition in Germany to open one chocolate or small gift in the countdown to Christmas. She, however, got me a chocolate calendar to countdown my last 24 days here.


Next week I head out on my final European adventure of the year, Amsterdam. Til then, I’m trying to spend as much time with friends as possible, to see the museums that I didn’t have time to see before, and practice as much German as humanly possible!

Much love to each of you! I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!



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