It’s been a busy few days for me. I finished up one job and moved into my new room! It’s gorgeous, soothing, and most importantly very quiet. I’ve been working busy as a bee studying German and researching/studying the bible which gives me great joy! I feel very peaceful with my decision and peace is something I haven’t been able to hold onto for lengthy bits of time in a very long time.

On Tuesday, I headed over to Frankfurt to spend some time with friends from Auburn and to help Caanan out a little bit as she has two little wiggle worms that keep her on her toes. I don’t mind because I get to spend the day hugging these sweet munshkins!

This morning before school, Jack and I were reading a book. You know the ones with a bouncing bear, a cooking cow, a dreary dog and so on. We got to a kissing kangaroo and he grabbed me and said, “We love each other, let’s Kiss.” Oh my word I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. Only met 24 hours ago, 3 years old, and he’s making the moves. I think his momma is gonna have her hands full with that one.

At Jack’s school, we had a Thanksgiving feast together. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise because I wasn’t sure I would get to celebrate at all!

Tonight began the most wonderful season of the year! Christmas Markets! Orchestras trumpeting from church rooftops, Christmas lights sparkling below, and crepes filling the air with radiant smells and I can’t help but love everyone and everything. This time of year just blooms with love and hope and life. It’s a merry seasons to be sure!

I finally got my Reibekuchen! With a recipe coming my way, I’m going to bring the magic back home with me! Though the Germans are often loyal to marrying theirs with applesauce, I much prefer the garlic sauce or sour cream!

Tomorrow I head to Stuttgart for several days to spend time with Dina and Bogdan! Tomorrow also will finish up the last of the Thankful Thursday posts! I’m hoping to be able to Skype in with my family during the celebration! Thank you so much to Steven and Caanan for hosting me!

Much love to each of you and many blessings as always!



2 thoughts on “Frankfurt

  1. Ahh so jealous about the Reibekuchen! I am in DC right now, and tomorrow Baltimore’s Christmas market is opening up right down the street from the hotel we will be staying at. Trust me, I’ll be there


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