Today was Sabbath and it was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day not because the weather was particularly nice, but because of those I spent it with.

I grew up in a conservative church where women’s roles were hidden at best. I often thought growing up that my role in the church would be relegated only to preparing food or children’s worship. Today, however, I stood in front of the church and I read a text… in German. It was a text I had read earlier in the week, a text that had comforted me, and it was a text that I got to choose for this service.

I practiced the text in German in front of a friend to make sure I wasn’t going to embarrass myself with a mispronunciation. She corrected a few words and then the service began.

1 Ich will singen von der Gnade des HERRN ewiglich und seine Treue verkünden mit meinem Munde für und für;
2 denn ich sage: Für ewig steht die Gnade fest; du gibst deiner Treue sicheren Grund im Himmel.
3 «Ich habe einen Bund geschlossen mit meinem Auserwählten, ich habe David, meinem Knechte, geschworen:
4 Ich will deinem Geschlecht festen Grund geben auf ewig und deinen Thron bauen für und für.» SELA.
5 Und die Himmel werden, HERR, deine Wunder preisen und deine Treue in der Gemeinde der Heiligen.
6 Denn wer in den Wolken könnte dem HERRN gleichen und dem HERRN gleich sein unter den Himmlischen?
7 Gott ist gefürchtet in der Versammlung der Heiligen, groß und furchtbar über alle, die um ihn sind.
8 HERR, Gott Zebaoth, wer ist wie du? Mächtig bist du, HERR, und deine Treue ist um dich her.

~Psalm 89: 1 – 8

After service, I was invited to a family’s home for lunch. This church family here has been nothing but warm and accepting of me. They have helped me learn German and study the bible and I will miss them terribly when I am gone. We took a walk through nature where their little girl gave me a beautiful little daisy to hold. We ended the night with the story of Joseph and a bible song in German, English, and Polish.

Tomorrow, I will move into my “permanent” housing for the rest of my time here, but not for long. I was invited by two different and wonderful friends to Frankfurt and Stuttgart this week. I will have the opportunity to tour the Christmas Markets of Germany!

Everyone here in Europe has been so kind to open their homes and their hearts to me! The biggest blessing that has come from this extra time that I now find myself with, is that I am able to say goodbye to friends that I didn’t think I would be able to see again for a very long time. God’s blessings are innumerable!

Happy Sabbath and many blessings to each of you!



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