The Third Thankful Thursday

The Third Thankful Thursday because who could resist the alliteration? Not me!

They talk about the night before Christmas often. Christmas is coming a little early in this house. With the Christmas Markets starting tomorrow, my excitement cannot be contained.. Reibekuchen, I’m comin’ for ya! Seriously y’all. Reibekuchen is the German’s gift to the world. I have been waiting an entire year to eat it again. It would be fair to say I came back to Germany just for the Christmas Markets and Reibekuchen…kidding…sort of.

Nov. 11 I’m thankful for Chocolate. I found a small branch to take the place of a Christmas tree for the girls. Decorated with Lindt Chocolate balls and a cut-out star, it may not be the fanciest tree ever made, but it was made with love.


Nov. 12th and 13th. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness and for the friends I’ve made here in Germany. I took a leap of faith, prompted by the Holy Spirit, to leave a situation that was unhealthy. In doing so, I could have been forced to leave Germany early and I could have been left homeless. It was scary and full of unknowns, but I was not alone. God is faithful. God is Good. God is True. I’m thankfully not being forced to leave Germany and even more thankfully not going to be left homeless. The Adventgemeinde here in Bonn knew of my situation and within minutes, I had over 5 offers of houses to stay in; some from people I didn’t even know. That’s true love. That is showing Jesus.


Nov. 14 I’m thankful for laughter and reasons to laugh. Find a reason to smile and be a reason someone laughs today. Laugh at yourself and learn from your mistakes. Be living proof of pure joy!


Nov. 15 I’m thankful for French cheese and German Bread. To be completely honest, I hated cheese before I moved to Europe. Cheese on your Salad. No thank you. Cheese with grapes. That’s a double no. And then I met the spreadable cheese from France and the unmatched harmony of the German bread and I have found myself a small piece of heaven. My grandparents told me of the wonders of German bread, but you can’t imagine them til you actually taste it!


Nov. 16 I’m thankful for gymnastics and the places around the world that it has brought me. I’ve worked camps in Maine, worked for a National Championship Winning team, covered the World Championships in Scotland, and World Cups in Germany. Gymnastics has taught me ways to improve my health and it has allowed me to fly! It’s a blessing to be sure!



Nov. 17 Today I’m extra thankful for Ms. Galeano. My favorite Colombian. My quick-witted, Spanglish, froyo loving friend who sings as though she were an angel. You are precious in God’s sight and I am every grateful that he brought you into my life! I wish you the best of days my sweet sweet friend! ❤


What are you thankful for?

Blessings as always! We are in the less than a month countdown til I come home!

Much love!



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