A Case of The Mondays

I’m almost done packing. It’s a strange season to be living in the place you called home for ten months and yet not really be living there at all.

I’ve stepped on the scale more times in one hour than if I were Santa checking to make sure all the cookies I ate didn’t tip the sleigh. Well, I wish that were the case. The tedious task of deciding what to leave behind in Germany so that I can cram over a year’s worth of belongings into one maxed-out 23 kg bag isn’t a pleasantry of sorts.  You remember wearing this dress when you were with this person, or you remember how those pants kept you warm as you hid behind a waterfall in Iceland, but in the end, they are just things. I have my memories and my pictures, and hopefully my old clothes will bless others as they have blessed me.


Through the bitter cold, I walked towards the Postbank to figure out options for mailing books back home. That’s the problem when you read; you accumulate books. I have a kindle and I download books there too, but I much prefer the feel of turning the pages and the satisfaction of closing a book one final time when you’ve finished reading it, to the dull glare on the screen.


I’m very grateful to this cozy little apartment. Here I’ve learned how to help manage a household and help raise children, I’ve learned new ways to cook, I’ve learned a new language, I’ve become more patient, I’ve read more scripture in this tiny room than probably the culmination of my entire life, and yet in five short days, I will leave it all behind.

These yellow walls have seen me dance around my room, they’ve seen me struggle through difficult German vocabulary, they’ve seen tears and smiles, they’ve heard laughter that comes from pure joy, they’ve provided a back-drop to Saint-Saëns a la clarinet, and they’ve played a stage as the girls modeled the latest fashions from my not so up to date closet of clothes, they’ve simply been home.


As with any move/transition, there comes with it a measured or not so amount of frustration. I would ask for prayers of peace during this week so that my transition will go as smoothly as possible.

Much love and many blessings to each of you,



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