Thankful Thursdays

A continuation in my month of thanks leading up to Thanksgiving this year. Ideas are also welcome for ways for me to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad and away from family for the 3rd year in a row now. I don’t really have anyone here in Germany who celebrates Thanksgiving so I’m looking for inspiration! 🙂

Nov. 4 For the multitude of people I’ve met in my life who are as different as the colors of the rainbow. Your unique perspectives on life allow me to grow and to keep growing.


Nov.5 For Heating blankets, Peppermint Tea, and Fuzzy socks that keep me warm when I am cold.


Nov. 6 For Music. A way to praise the Lord. A way to heal that which needs healing. A way to be creative. A way to bring joy. A way to serve. It’s a beautiful gift.


Nov.  7. For my sweet papa who was born on this very day in Alabama. His patience and wisdom reflects that of our heavenly Father and I’m grateful to be his daughter!


Nov. 8. For Freedom. I voted. My parents voted. My friends and family voted. We all voted for a variety of different candidates. Some are happy and proud. Some are scared and crying. What I find beautiful, is that our Declaration of Independence gives us just that. Independence. If November 8th made you happy this year, celebrate, but also remember to continue to be kind to those who weep and who are fearful. Understand and hear their voice. For those of you who are weeping, I’ll always be here for a hug. Remember, your rights as well.


Nov. 9 For the sure knowledge that this word is not my home. That one day, Jesus will return as he promised and take us to heaven with him. That trumpets will sound and we will see the gates like pearls, the streets like gold, and our mighty King seated on the throne.


Nov. 10 For my mama who skypes with me when I’m sick and puts on Andy Griffith reruns so we can watch them together as I heal…. (Or as I fall asleep! Sorry, mom!) 4,000 miles away and she’s still there when I need her.


What are you thankful for?

Blessings today as always!



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