Sankt Martin

Each country has their own traditions. Some are self-made and some are stolen from others. One of the biggest culture shocks living in another country is not celebrating the days you normally would, (July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc.) and also celebrating holidays you’ve never heard of in your life.

Sankt Martin is a holiday I had never heard of before moving to Germany. In the weeks leading up, the children make lanterns at school to carry throughout the street. Tonight, we all gathered in front of the kindergarten and followed a young boy riding a horse pretending to be St.Martin throughout the streets.


There was a small drum and bugle band of sorts playing St. Martin songs as all the children gathered in. They sangs songs like this one: “Ich Gehe Mit Meine Laterne,” which translates to I’m going with my lantern.


As we were almost to our destination, everyone started crying out Pferdeapfel, Pferdeapfel which directly translates to Horse Apple. Here I was going along thinking that they were feeding apples to horses….NO. Horse poop. A pile of horse poo is called a horse apple, y’all. A horse apple. Hilarious! I love languages! They are a gift in themselves!

The night ended around a huge bonfire and the child St. Martin gave his cape to an even smaller child beggar. It’s nice to be experience all the different cultures.


Good Night to you all from Germany! Blessings, as always!



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