In the Quiet

One moment your future stands tall and the next as uncertain as the next leaf that will fall. The leaves must fall, but which one will be next?

I stood there as if I was naked in the silence. Completely uncovered. No emotion left hidden and nothing left to hide as the leaves fell around me. The wind swirled through the tree tops and I felt simply invisible. In a moment, in a single decision, I felt purposeless.

Tears poured off my face onto the leaf covered walkway as I realized I had to leave the country that I love. I have to leave the place that taught me to hope again, the one where I loved and lost, the one where my faith radiated as the sun beams falling on a warm summer day.


“Love is the arms that are holding you.
Love never fails you.”

The words whispered to me softly as my ipod played the song by Brandon Heath.

You can know with 100% certainty that you’ve made the right choice and it can still be scary, uncomfortable, and sad. Change may bring discomfort, but it also brings newness, potential, and growth.

I will choose to be still and trust in the guiding arms of my loving Savior.

I am trusting in Him, not my own way.

I am confident in His faithfulness, because He is good.

I will listen as He guides and not lean on my own understanding.


In the Quiet

In the quiet, if we listen, He will guide our voice. And in the times that seem the darkest, He is our shining light. I have hope because God is hope. I love because God is love.

May all I do ever be from love.

Blessings to you all!



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