Flashback Friday

Time stood still mirrored by the stillness of the creek. The foliage just now turning as we move into the next season of life.


A quiet Sunday afternoon with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company, Alice and I headed south to the small town of Rech, Germany. She a connoisseur of sorts, and I just happy to eat some grapes, soaked up what’s sure to be one of the last sunny days of our time here together.


The seemingly endless winding of the vineyards allowed for a slow and uninterrupted walk through the towns of the Rheinland filled with talkes of hopes and dreams and the future!




Tonight begins a weekend church series in a neighboring town that I’m really excited about! The choir that I have the privilege directing will be singing “In Christ Alone,” to start the service!

Of course there still comes difficulty with living in a foreign country. The entire weekend will be in German and we’ve been looking and looking for a translator but haven’t had so much luck to find one. Hopefully one that we’ve asked will be able to join, or if not, then I’ll have another chance to keep practicing my German!

Happy Sabbath and Many Blessings!



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