The Last Castle

Just a little over a year ago, I stepped into my first Castle, The Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg in Orschwiller, France.  In the year following, I would sleep in the Schönburg Castle of Oberwesel Germany, Walk the halls of the inspiration of Jane Austen’s Pemberley, and climb the Siebengebierge to the top of the Drachenfels Ruins! Today, I … More The Last Castle


Following our amazing Thanksgiving meal and a good night of sleep, Dina and I spent Friday walking through the markets and exploring Stuttgart. We shared a yummy waffle before returning home. For lunch, we roasted root vegetables with olive oil and spices before  sitting down to watch a documentary on the Mormon church. Their are … More Stuttgart

Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving friends and family! Today marks the last in Thankful Thursday posts! I’m thankful for the ability to travel! To see 14 countries in a year is a blessing beyond what I could have dreamed. Today, especially, I count my blessings I’m thankful for Christmas Markets that add a bounce in my step! Filled … More Happy Thanksgiving 


It’s been a busy few days for me. I finished up one job and moved into my new room! It’s gorgeous, soothing, and most importantly very quiet. I’ve been working busy as a bee studying German and researching/studying the bible which gives me great joy! I feel very peaceful with my decision and peace is … More Frankfurt


Today was Sabbath and it was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day not because the weather was particularly nice, but because of those I spent it with. I grew up in a conservative church where women’s roles were hidden at best. I often thought growing up that my role in the church would … More Sabbat

The Third Thankful Thursday

The Third Thankful Thursday because who could resist the alliteration? Not me! They talk about the night before Christmas often. Christmas is coming a little early in this house. With the Christmas Markets starting tomorrow, my excitement cannot be contained.. Reibekuchen, I’m comin’ for ya! Seriously y’all. Reibekuchen is the German’s gift to the world. I have … More The Third Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays

A continuation in my month of thanks leading up to Thanksgiving this year. Ideas are also welcome for ways for me to celebrate Thanksgiving abroad and away from family for the 3rd year in a row now. I don’t really have anyone here in Germany who celebrates Thanksgiving so I’m looking for inspiration! 🙂 Nov. … More Thankful Thursdays

Sankt Martin

Each country has their own traditions. Some are self-made and some are stolen from others. One of the biggest culture shocks living in another country is not celebrating the days you normally would, (July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc.) and also celebrating holidays you’ve never heard of in your life. Sankt Martin is a holiday I had never … More Sankt Martin