Return to Normal

It’s been a good and rather smooth transition back to normal. It’s also been the most Kensleyesque day ever.  You know…one of those days like this one below where you wonder why on earth you ever thought painting your face all green like a flower was a good idea…


My mom graciously gave me her old phone as my very very old windows phone is on the fritz. Well, thank goodness for that because as I was counting my phones on the bus back home, I counted my two, hopped out of the bus, and never looked back. The only problem was that I in fact, now, had three phones. My American phone, my German phone, and now my new phone that works in both countries…or so I thought.

Three days later and my gebrochenes Handy was kindly returned to the city lost and found. Thank goodness. I marched over to Telekom (German T-mobile,) and asked them to help me put the sim card in the new phone because frankly I was dumbfounded at how to accomplish it. It took the hard working people of Telekom, three people and about ten minutes to figure it out as well so I didn’t feel so bad about myself.

I excitedly transferred over my What’s app to the new phone and left the store in search of my pin number that was stored on an old contract at home….

It didn’t work….Kinda like the time I thought jumping off a deck to save a balloon at friend’s birthday party was a good idea didn’t work.


Back to the store and three grinning Telekom workman later and it was decided that my phone only would work with and AT&T sim card. Well, I had already transferred my German What’s app to the new phone and now can’t get it back on the old phone, because the old phone’s app has expired and can’t be updated.


Actually, it is. You see now, instead of having to carry two phones around…I have to carry three. Yes, you read that correctly. Three. The old iphone Kalyn gave me that has my American What’s app number on it, the Old broken handy I’m praying makes it til December that I can make calls on and use the internet in Germany on, and the new phone that mom gave me that has my German What’s app number which is importantly needed for things like work, church choir, keeping in touch with friends here, etc.

Well…the obvious solution to a day like this was to make cookies.

Found a recipe. It’s egg-less and frankly the best cookies I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Fluffy Eggless Sugar Cookies  <- Here’s the recipe for anyone else having a special kind of  special day. All I changed was at the end, I rolled the dough into little balls and then rolled them in cinnamon and sugar.

Wishing you all a much less eventful day than mine, unless you need an excuse to make cookies and then I wish you exactly the kind of eventful day I had!


Much love and many blessings!



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