Hi Hi Hi

“Hi is how we say hello, and Hi Hi is how we say goodbye, so if you say Hi Hi Hi, you’ll have us all sorts of confused,” mused my sarcastically witty tour guide as we drudged through the puddles of Copenhagen. Really it’s rather an unfortunate history that befalls Copenhagen as the town has been burned to the ground multiple times. Unfortunate in time really too because we were all drenched from the rain, and had the fires been started on that day, perhaps the city would have a different history. The newer buildings now showcase a squared edge in the case that fire ever breaks out again, the fire department can more efficiently transport the hoses around the corners.



Probably the most astonishing fact of my time there was that babies are just left outside alone. Yes. You read that correctly. Even in the freezing cold, babies are left outside if the parents want a quiet evening at dinner alone. Bikes too, are left unlocked. Apparently life in Denmark is considered very safe…


The Frederik’s Church took over 150 years to build but they couldn’t complete it because they ran out of money. Supposedly constructed out of all Norwegian Marble, the project was actually completed using limestone to help supplement the cost.


A colorful history to be sure, Copenhagen radiates its past in vibrant colors lining the cobblestone paths.


Their queen speaks seven languages fluently and the government spent 500 Million Euros on the world’s most elaborate Opera House, but that’s not what’s most impressive in Copenhagen’s history books.

The Danish were able to save 98% of their Jewish population by either smuggling them to Sweden, or by royalty demanding their return from concentration camps. And even so, what is even more heartwarming, is the fact that the Danish people took care of the houses, pets, and businesses of the Danish Jews so that when they returned, everything they owned was still intact.

As the three hour tour came to an end, I was painfully aware of two things, well perhaps three: That Copenhagen had an incredible history, and that I was cold and wet. There are two things I’d rather not be and that’s cold and wet. I moved to a place that is often cold and wet and tend to visit places colder and wetter. But even as I trekked through this magnificent city cold and soaked to the bone, I was reminded to count my blessings, because at night, I have a place to come home to and a blanket to warm me up.

Last year when mom visited, she brought an enormous amount of emergency foil blankets to give out to those who are either homeless or refugees. So many in fact that I’m still giving them out to this day. I carry a few in my bag each day hoping that each of those days God can be shown though me. I’d like to encourage each of you to do the same. You can find them on Amazon by clicking on this link here: Amazon Emergency Foil Blankets

Let’s all be the hands and feet of Jesus, for first he reached the physical needs of the people, and then the spiritual needs!


This morning, I visited the local church and their congregation happens to not have a pianist. I asked if I could play for them and they were happy to have me, and I was happier to play. To be honest, I owe this back all to my mom. There was a time when I hated piano and going to lessons. My mom encouraged me that if I wanted to continue to pursue music, that I should stick with piano and that I should continue my lessons. They have been useful more times than I can count.

I really could have just entitled this blog… Mom is always right but what fun would that have been? 🙂

As I flew on my last flight before the one that will take me to my homeland in two months, I saw the beauty of all creation as we soared over the clouds. What an awesome God we serve!



Happy Sabbath and Many Blessings to you all!



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