Straight From The Horse’s Mouth 

My dad told me to keep my hand flat so I wouldn’t get my hand bitten, and when I turned my hand the other way, I knew what he said to be true because I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Pun every bit intended.

Well, to be fair, I misunderstood. I thought, “keep your hand flat,” meant straight, whether up or down, just don’t curl your fingers, where as my dad meant flat as in palm facing down. Sometimes even the purest of intentions bite you right where it hurts and boy do I have the bruise to prove it. Other than my slight miscalculation, the horses stole the show today. These pure breeds were sweet and had me giggling all afternoon.

Dad and I shared a combined amount of 7 scoops of ice cream. My lips are sealed on who ate what but let’s just say there’s no reason to sneak a bite if you had enough to munch on! Dad wasn’t amused, but I’m my Father’s daughter when it comes to sweets!

The rest of the day was spend watching the wonders of Iceland in the form of geisers, waterfalls, and tectonic plates.

Tomorrow we go our separate ways, I to Copenhagen and they to Baltimore. It’s been a beautiful trip that makes being away a little bit easier. I’m excited to continue living these last precious moments in Germany and to sneak in whatever travel I can manage for only the Good Lord knows when I might return to Europe.

A huge thank you to my selfless parents who took off of work and provided the means to make this trip possible. It is only through your strength and guidance that I’m able to spread my wings and live this life abroad. And it is only through your generous nature that this trip and reunion came to fruition. Til December!

Hold your loved ones tight! Blessings to each of you on our last night in Iceland.



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