Experiencing God

Today was a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. An early morning workout followed by an hour in the spa prepped me for a day to remember. I struggle in many ways with the life I lead. Today, as I sat in the hot tub, a man rang a gong and immediately a team of highly-trained masseuses came to help treat my aching body. It seems self-indulgent and yet at the same time, not a dime came from my pocket to experience this treatment.

My dad travels an extraordinary amount for work. I respect him and his work ethic so very much. Because of this, his company provides us with free hotels when we travel, and this one happens to come with a complementary spa. I struggle because even though it’s free, there are people starving every day and lacking food and water, and I’m enjoying another leisurely travel across the globe.

Where is the balance? The balance between exploring and experiencing God in his creation, and caring for those who have needs at the most basic level of humanity? I know it’s not wrong to travel, to see, and to experience God in his creation, because that’s what I experienced today. I experienced God. Of course both can be done, as I study more, I pray and ask for more clarity.

God is around us always. We experience him everywhere, but today especially as I stood next to  waterfalls where the rainbow that covered it tickled my toes, I saw his greatness more boldly.

The constant patter of the water pounding into the lagoon mimicked that of the steady beating drum. The steady drumbeat that stays as the constant reminder of God as he guides my footsteps.

With the mist radiating off the falls like magic fairy dust, making us her cold fingerprint, we captured the image of the falls, imprinting on our minds so they last forever!

As we left, our minds filled with images that yet again prove the awesome God we serve, our stomachs were left with the desire of the same fulfillment. We pulled into a local family restaurant, that had closed for lunch for the day. As we spoke to ask them their hours, the humble and kind family chose to open their doors for just me, my mom, and my dad. If that’s not loving and serving, I don’t know what is!

Our five hour drive out to the south coast was filled with animals and landscapes unique only to Iceland. In fact, the horses here are so guarded that if one leaves the island, it’s never allowed to return so that they may keep the breed as pure as possible. (This picture is not filtered!)

We lay here in our cute cabin by the seaside, hopeful that we may get a glimpse of the Northern lights!

I wish you all a beautiful and blessed night of sleep!



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