Free in Freiburg

A late arrival on Sunday night into the whimsical town of Freiburg provided for an excellent night of sleep at the Black Forrest Hostel.

With no expectations, except of course to eat Schwarzwald Kuchen (Black Forest Cake,) in the Schwarz Wald, we set out to explore this real life fairy-tale of a town.

Dressed in their finest costumes, chummy locals greeted us at the city’s gate to help celebrate Germany’s 26th Anniversary of the Wiedervereinigung.


Together we took some pictures and shared some laughs. As we wandered through the  town without an agenda, our eye peeled solely for a delicious slice of cake, we found them. Two of them, in fact.

The light buttery frosting was well-earned as we sat in the center square.

Divvying up our funds following the memorizing cake inhalation of 2016, our unstoppable cackles of laughter could be heard from corner to corner across the town. I’m embarrassed to say that it might have taken a few minute to compose ourselves, but truly that kind of belly-aching laugh is good for the soul.

Though the town was charming and every bit superior to the decorations of the over-paid Disney architects, the true beauty came from the views overlooking the peaks and valleys from the top of the Black Forrest. How humbling to see such a sight.

We journaled and prayed and had plenty of time to talk.

As we crossed the border into Strasbourg, France at 2 o’clock in the morning, unbeknownst to me, I was unfortunately awakened by a border control agent who was checking passports to make sure we were all legally there. The process was over quickly, but I’ll never receive those precious few moments of sleep back. But as Alice and I discussed, in 10 years, we won’t remember how tired we were, we will only remember the precious memories we shared together on an incredible vacation.


I’m desperately trying not to start a countdown to see my parents only for fear that the time will pass too slowly. We are now finally at 8 days til I can see their precious faces and hug their necks!


P.S. This blog is reallllyyy late because the photos from Alice’s phone wouldn’t send to mine. Tonight we planned our trip to Berlin this coming Saturday complete with a Salad by moi. Happy Sunday to you all!



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