Managing Expectations

Today was my first rehearsal as a “chorus director.” A friend at church asked me if I would lead the Youth in a weekly choral rehearsal.This was my first rehearsal in a long time. Normally used to hours of prep beforehand and being on the other side of the baton, today I was in for a bit of a shock.

The world I come from comes from people who all read music, who have music as number one on their mind, and with a goal to simply be the best.

Today I orchestrated 6 women who could not read music, who music was not their first priority, and who wanted nothing more than to sing to the Lord and it was simply beautiful.

A mixture of German and English songs blended together to form our first repertoire. As we entered the Christmas section, per my suggestion since it’s now officially cold meaning Christmas weather, Stille Nacht (Silent Night,) was the unanimous choice.

Most amusing to me was when I was tickling Hark the Herald, on the ivories and all the girls stopped and said, “That’s so beautiful. What song is that.” Talk about culture shock. Oh.My.Goodness. It never crossed my mind that people wouldn’t know that song.

Every Christmas Eve, mom, dad, Hollyn, and I sit around the t.v. and watch It’s a Wonderful Life, where this song is featured. But as I learn their songs in German, they also learn my songs in English and so we share life together.


Please, if you haven’t already, keep the people of Haiti and the people of Florida in your prayers.

This hurricane is not a joke. It has already claimed the lives of 800 people and the number is rising. Thankfully, my dad evacuated. I had pits in my stomach at the thought of him begin in harms way. That’s the hardest part about living abroad. Not being able to be their for loved ones.

But I get to hug my parents neck in just 10 days. TEN. Praise be to God!

Happy Sabbath!



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