The Grass Can Be Greener

Let’s go on a cheap trip in Germany they said….. *** francs later as they boarded a plane to Switzerland. 

Well, that didn’t end up exactly how we planned it.

But here we are hundreds of miles away, with an unfamiliar currency, and chocolate the price of a small car.

Admiring the pure green of the grass here, I commented on how the grass really is greener on the other side…Alice thought I was joking, but I was dead serious. I’ve never seen grass so green. A red face to match the green of the grass and we might as well be singing Jingle Bells.


Rewind 5 hours to Alice running down the hill in the pouring rain with a curling iron in her hand and I with fuzzy socks desperate to catch the train so that we could even make it on the pocket emptying trip we had planned.

I had packed 3 pieces of bread and butter, walnuts, apples, paprika, and granola bars to last me through the day. We joked that when we got to Switzerland we would buy bread but no butter because we couldn’t afford the butter.

I was talking with my mom earlier this week talking about how fortunate I am…. Not many people can be dirt poor and still afford to go to Switzerland for a weekend.

All joking aside, we actually planned very well and as soon as the unimaginable beauty of Amden entered our view, the dollar signs simultaneously disappeared. I would have paid 10 times that to be in the presence of such beauty.


A chummy local went above and beyond the call of neighborly duty to offer me a giant water bottle as well as a handful of friendly advice including to simply follow the yellow brick road.

The climb up was filled with deep conversations, quick jabs, and confusing faces. The latter mostly encountered by signs on our hike explaining how long the hike would take by boat.

At the top, the strong chorus of cowbells enhanced the unmatched perfection of God’s masterpiece as we climbed the alps looking over the crystal blue waters below.


The authenticity came more to life as we made life-size jumps over the piles of cow manure.

As with all life, you can spend your life with your head in the ground smelling the cow poop or you can look up and see a greener grass accompanied by a bluer sea than your ever thought possible.


We finished the day walking through caves, reading by the shore, and taking pictures to celebrate life and to capture memories to look back on some day.


We had a good laugh over these next few pictures. One full of charisma that is ‘instagram worthy’ should I still have instagram, and the other one the other half of the story that no one ever tells…. Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable and really awkward to eventually get to make something really beautiful.


Happy Sunday and blessings to you all,



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