A Leap of Faith

Probably one of the largest transformations that has occurred during my time in Germany has been my faith. What started out as an attempt to prove someone wrong, has turned into an enormous journey of me reading the bible cover to cover for myself, attempting to understand the concepts and the love that are written … More A Leap of Faith

Return to Normal

It’s been a good and rather smooth transition back to normal. It’s also been the most Kensleyesque day ever.  You know…one of those days like this one below where you wonder why on earth you ever thought painting your face all green like a flower was a good idea… My mom graciously gave me her … More Return to Normal

Hi Hi Hi

“Hi is how we say hello, and Hi Hi is how we say goodbye, so if you say Hi Hi Hi, you’ll have us all sorts of confused,” mused my sarcastically witty tour guide as we drudged through the puddles of Copenhagen. Really it’s rather an unfortunate history that befalls Copenhagen as the town has … More Hi Hi Hi

The Window

We looked out the frosted window and views of crystal blue seas, mesmerizing glaciers, and sky-scraping mountain tops covered by a cloud of fog met our widening eyes.  Our little cabin provided a view well worth remembering. Dad rested as mom and I climbed up the gravel pathway to breakfast. The cold nipping at our … More The Window

Experiencing God

Today was a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. An early morning workout followed by an hour in the spa prepped me for a day to remember. I struggle in many ways with the life I lead. Today, as I sat in the hot tub, a man rang a gong and immediately a team of highly-trained … More Experiencing God

We Met In Iceland

Goodbye, Berlin: Hello, Iceland! Nine months have I waited to be reunited with my precious family! The bitter cold of Berlin didn’t transfer to Iceland in what I can only presume was the weather being warmed by the love of family! The day was simple in respects to activity. Our to-do list comprising only of … More We Met In Iceland

Die Haupstadt

I made it to Berlin in one piece. And we all said, Amen. Trusting God’s Timing I’m learning to trust God in his timing. Sometimes I do really well with it and sometimes I don’t. Saturday morning was one of the ‘donts.’          I wanted to go to church on Saturday. Our … More Die Haupstadt