The Last Post of Summer

Another season has come and gone and in two days, I will enter into what is very possibly my last season here in Germany. That is not my wish, but my wishes are not always congruent to how God will best use me for his purpose.


There’s been a lot of reflection on my part lately thinking on how God took me to a place where I found redemption in every sense of the word. I needed out of the cave that was surrounding me and I got out and found a new hope here. I think that’s what makes the thought of leaving so sad. I don’t exactly know how to live as who I am now back home, but I know who I am here. Even still, I will walk with the knowledge that God is with me ever step of the way.

This is after all move number 11. Move 12 will prove no different in the sense that I will pack again, leave again, and embrace the blessings, trials, and continued waiting periods that come.

Recently I’ve found a fantastic blog called PhyliciaDeltaBlog. She wrote on WAITING, and how life we will always be waiting. We will wait on college applications, when you will meet your spouse, when trials will pass, when will a baby come,when will you find a job, waiting in traffic, and at church, so we must wait productively. I love that.

So in my waiting period as I’m searching and waiting on how God can use me best,

I’m learning German, I’m practicing piano and clarinet, I’m exercising, and I’m reading a new book close to every week… Have I mentioned how much I love to read?

In the quiet moments, I’ve enjoyed the music of Eric Whitacre.

Sleep and Alleluia are two of my favorites. I share them with you in the hopes that you also find a sense of peace within the beautiful music.

During the waiting period, not many people get to fly off to Switzerland on a three day weekend. And so I very very much count my immense blessings. Germany celebrates the reunification of East and West on October 3rd. Alice and I will travel to Zurich for two days and will spend the last day in Freiburg to see the actual celebration in Germany!

Many blessings on this Tuesday.



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