So many things can be lost in translation. Even within the same country, words and phrases can be lost or confusing.

Take for example the south: We’ll offer you a coke and mean “What kind of carbonated beverage would you like?” In other areas of the country, they might refer to the same thing as “soda,” or heaven forbid “pop.” Oh that word makes me queasy. But if you go up north and you ask for a coke, you’re going to get exactly that: a coke.

Since moving to Germany, I’ve had to relearn how I think about words and how to convey the meaning that I want. They have words such as Süß or Tief  that translate to sweet and deep respectively where as we would more commonly interchange the words as cute or low depending on the meaning. They also have words that simply just don’t exist in the English vocabulary such as doch.  This word might be used if someone said the ACC is historically better than the SEC in football… You would immediately respond doch, because in fact, the opposite is true. Even if someone said Alabama is better than Auburn, I would respond doch, because while historically, Alabama may have more trophies in their case, it’s my opinion that Auburn is the best! (War Eagle!) But, as we would have to explain and elongate an answer, they have one word to do so.

I recently came across an article on the ESV version of the bible which is now being touted as the most “correct,” translation. But what does that mean? If the words are written down exactly word for word, does that actually convey what the text is truly trying to say?

Read it here! A Permanent Text of the ESV Bible? Thoughts, opinions, and commentary all welcome! It’s something I hadn’t given to much thought to until moving abroad!

Happy Thursday!



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