Auge Gottes

Friendship, Hiking, and Ice cream described my day. Alice and I have been planning this hike for three weeks with simple interruptions from weather to sick kids causing us to postpone until today. Really it was a blessing in disguise as today, we got some of the finest weather Germany has seen all year.

Today was our 4th climb together in the Siebengebirge. Hopefully we will be able to do all seven before our time in Germany ends.

The forest green provided the perfect bonding place to exchange stories, share our anticipations, and talk about what we want next out of life.

 Auge Gottes provided our final destination on our trip today.

OH and I got a picture with a Bear!


The View!


The day ended with ice cream as all hikes should.


Today marks 1 year since came to Europe for the very first time and what a journey it has been. I remember the feeling of absolute joy as my feet landed in Sweden! Look for a Happy 1st Year in Germany post on Saturday!

Much love and many blessing to each of you as always,



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