And they promised forever….


Rewind 5 months ago to me standing in the lunch line alone at a church conference. A sweet and very outgoing woman started up a conversation with me. A French-German tri-lingual woman on fire for God who loves life and is one of kindest and most talented people I have in my acquaintance. We do bible studies every week together and though we come from historically different backgrounds we are able to find a common ground in Christ.

This weekend was her wedding and it was stunning. Her dress, a mixture of lace and tool, was 1800’s meets modern day and I loved it. Rather than having her bridesmaids buy expensive dresses that they will never wear again, they wore long skirts with a white top both of which will be able to be worn again and again.

Prior to the wedding, I stayed the night with Dina’s friend, Chiara. Chiara’s family is Italian, very warm, extremely welcoming, and very very animated. I’ve never had so much trouble following a conversation in all my life – that is until the homemade Italian pizza came into play and then there were clear and simple instructions: eat and enjoy.

The ceremony itself was picturesque sitting in the valley underneath the mountains overlooking Michelsberg.  The perfect clear blue day without a cloud in the sky was made even more beautiful as I watched friends promise forever in front of God, family, and friends. The reception was fascinating as I learned about different German wedding traditions. The most amusing was one coming from the north of German, specifically Hamburg, where if someone starts kliking their wedding glass and others join in, the bride and groom must kiss. This tradition was probably some was abused, but it was comical nonetheless.


A very late train back home had me in the door at 2 a.m.with a 6:30 work wake-up call the next day. I’m thankful, tired, but very thankful to have witnessed this joyful occasion and to have left with more friends and more memories.



Happy Monday! I wish you all a happy, blessed and productive day!



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