Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget that I live in Germany. My life is normal. I take street cars every day. I walk by the Rhein. I eat gelato from Italy, and Crepes from France, and all the while I still manage to forget that I call this beautiful country home. …That is until I step foot in … More Sometimes I Forget


It’s Kastanien season here in Germany which means the sun is shining, the weather is cooling, and little children run all around with their head buried in the ground looking for Kastanien. We might sing about Kastanien closer to Christmas. Chestnuts  roasting on the open fire, jack frost nipping at your nose… The littlest one I … More Kastanien

The Rite of Fall

100 Years ago today, Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring caused a riot, or near-riot, at the opening in Paris, France. A similar show-down nearly occurred today as on the very first day of fall, as I had to put on my heavy winter jacket, but in the winter jacket there was a Euro just sitting in there waiting … More The Rite of Fall

Ohne Vergangenheit gibt es keine Zukunft.

Today I celebrate one year of living in Germany. This has been simultaneously the best and the worst year of my life. I’ve been hospitalized, cut-open…twice, spit on, kicked, hit, bitten, called fat, called ugly both in all actuality and metaphorically speaking. I believe Bob Marley said it best when he said, “You don’t know … More Ohne Vergangenheit gibt es keine Zukunft.


So many things can be lost in translation. Even within the same country, words and phrases can be lost or confusing. Take for example the south: We’ll offer you a coke and mean “What kind of carbonated beverage would you like?” In other areas of the country, they might refer to the same thing as … More Translations

Auge Gottes

Friendship, Hiking, and Ice cream described my day. Alice and I have been planning this hike for three weeks with simple interruptions from weather to sick kids causing us to postpone until today. Really it was a blessing in disguise as today, we got some of the finest weather Germany has seen all year. Today … More Auge Gottes


And they promised forever…. Rewind 5 months ago to me standing in the lunch line alone at a church conference. A sweet and very outgoing woman started up a conversation with me. A French-German tri-lingual woman on fire for God who loves life and is one of kindest and most talented people I have in … More Forever