Transformation Tuesday

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M. Scott Peck, best known for his book, The Road Less Traveled wrote simply this, “Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult — once we truly understand and accept it — then life is no longer difficult.”

I had a lot of reasons to sit on my rear. Good, solid, justifiable medical reasons to not work out. And I had for too many years taken that option. To find options that would work with my body and complicated medical history (most all of which were weight related,) wasn’t going to be simple, but simply accepting that this path wasn’t going to be easy, accepting that I had a choice, me choosing on my own to accomplish this. That, made the difference.

I’ve found through this journey that a few things must be in place to succeed.

  1. A Goal
  2. Accountability
  3. Blockers
  4. Rewards
  5. A lot of Faith

Weight Loss

The best thing my high-school band director ever taught me was that if you don’t have to set time limits, don’t. His example was reading through the bible. He promised himself that he was going to read the whole bible – and he did over 5 years. But his point was that life is stressful and unnecessary timelines add unneeded stress.

That lesson was instrumental to my weight loss journey. I set a goal to lose 46.6 pounds continuously, but set no date in which to do it. (That number exactly because I figured I could be 140 and safely be healthy for my gender/height, I needed a goal, and I had never been even close to that size so I had to guestimate, then I would work with my body’s particular needs after that).

I had incredible accountability in Kalyn who stood by my side from Day 1 giving me the hard talks when need be, but I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. But not only her, but the community of friends wherever I’ve gone who have helped and guided me.

For the times I felt weak, I set up sugar free months and kept a food journal for accountability. I would say most days I don’t need it. But when I feel weak, I do both for a solid month to restart my mindset – I refuse to take chances with my health anymore.

I have rewards set in place. I will set mini-goals for motivation. Fitness goals for example – when I did my first pull-up, then I bought a new pair of Fuzzy socks. 1. Because they are cheap. 2. Because no one ever has enough Fuzzy socks. And 3. Because I love them and it’s a great reminder of the progress I’ve made.

And a faith that can move mountains. And let me tell you it has taken that. Days where I didn’t think one more push-up was humanly possible. Days where I didn’t physically think I would have the strength to not eat that slice of cake. Days where doing the rehab needed to insure my body stays intact felt like a hundred years. I get it.

But I’ll ask the question that so many others have been asked before. If you wake up a year from now, will you wish you would have started today? Don’t be held back any longer.

And it doesn’t have to be fitness – maybe you’re a gymnast with phenomenal genes and that last thing you need is another ab muscle poking out. Is it a friendship you want to repair? A marriage? Do you want to read more books? Is there something weighing you down that you are trapped underneath? Sin? Do you want to learn to cook better? Do you have an addiction problem? Do you simply want to be nicer?

Set a goal, find a friend (If you don’t have anyone holler at me!), Set up filters and rewards, and be filled with the Spirit and the faith offered to you!

Here I am humbly presenting what God has done in me. I share simply in the hopes that my story gives you some form of hope and that I can help.

For my love of alliteration

The Two Year, Two Day Transformation Tuesday


I am transformed but never done transforming. 

My love and many blessings as always,


P.S. I’m still working on my goal! (38.6) pounds lost and 7 more to go, but I’m celebrating the journey!)



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