Ganz Normal

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The week post-vacation is seemingly always the hardest to adjust. I was eased back in with fewer hours which was greatly appreciated on my behalf. Able to catch up with friends on this strangely sunny week, runs through the forest, reading books by the pool, and walking home with froyo all provided highlights after coming off three exceptional weeks of travel.

Along with the mass and unusual amount of sunshine came colossal amounts of freckles. I think I’ve been teased more about my freckles from the two humans I care for more than I was my whole childhood. I happen to like my freckles so it’s amusing to me for anyone else to see them as anything other than that. They’ve likened me to that of Pipp i Langstrumpf, (or as you might recognize her, Pippi Longstocking.)

Their favorite thing is to play dress-up with my clothes. But rather this week, they chose to dress me up as Pippi Longstocking. While they did an admirable job, I’m not sure anything can beat the Pipi circa 2008 at Trunk or Treat. (For those of you unfamiliar with Trunk or Treat it’s the Christian alternative to Halloween. People drive their cars to the parking lot and kids “trunk” or treat by getting candy from the trunks of cars.)


The weekend was rather uneventful in the fact that I’ve been confined to my bed. You see viruses pass sneakily from school to child, child to home, and home to all that enter. And so is the case that my weekend has been spent with extra snuggle time with my bed. There’s probably a giant Kensley-shaped hole there by now, but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t moved enough to look. Perhaps today is the day the tide will turn. To be honest I’m looking forward to eating more than applesauce. Prayers are always appreciated.

I wish you all a blessed, happy,and healthy Monday. Hugs to all, (Well, air hugs because I would never wish this virus on anyone!)




One thought on “Ganz Normal

  1. I caught your virus or got food poison. Not fun as I had a run to emergency rm. U need to get back home. Luv u……Meems


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