Vienna a la Disney

1. They have security guards in ice cream shops. Guarding frozen milk is of the utmost importance.

2. Mozart’s head is equivalent to Mickey Mouse.

3. Natives dress in period costumes wanting to take pictures with you.

And so on and so forth….

The parliament building  provided the first source of entertainment and the grandeur provided an excellent impression of what Vienna had to offer.


On a side note… has anyone ever noticed how there is nakedness all over Europe? I mean maybe that makes me an uncultured sloth, but honest to goodness I can’t even take an innocent picture without something popping out behind me.. case in point.



I digress. We followed the trail to see my friend’s school that in all honesty resembles an art museum more than a university. On the way, we passed these little golden plaques on the ground that are sprinkled all over Austria naming people who died in the Holocaust and where exactly they lived.

It’s strange to experience such sadness in a place that makes you so happy. I’m not sure any words I can write can accurately detail what it resembles to stand where innocent lives once lived.

In stark contrast to the sadness I felt, came great joy as I was met and greeted lovingly in her church, able to keep up and converse with the locals. Never in my life have I seen a congregation so loving. Everyone giving flowers, and cakes, and kisses galore. It’s still odd to me that it is custom to kiss each cheek – even considered more modest than a hug. Where as where I come from a kiss on the cheek, even in greeting symbolizes more than a hug ever would – and a hug is a simple way to say hello, you are welcome here.

The following night I joined the outfitted musicians of the Mozart Orchester on stage as they present a phenomenal list of all his classic works. How exhilarating to once again be on stage during a concert! A true blessing.

And as my journey came to an end, I sat in the peaceful quiet of the Donau reading as the swan beside me groomed her feathers. Long has it been since I’ve been so absorbed in a book that I can’t hardly put it down, but recently on a Christian podcast, a few speakers recommended the book, Love and Respect. The book is specifically targeted to married couples but I’ve found application in all areas to my life. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. If you have a great marriage, a struggling marriage, if you struggle understanding your son/daughter and his/her actions, if you’re single and hoping one day to be married, whomever, READ THIS BOOK!


I’ve never felt such an AHA moment in my life to understand friends/family/etc. More importantly, the book outlines scriptural ways that we are supposed to show unconditional love and unconditional respect. You can also find the book in almost every language. Sorry for the promotional plug, truly, but just buy the book, for yourself, your husband, future wife, son, whomever, it will change your life.

So back to Austria, after we left the Donau, we headed to the Innenstadt for Sacher Torte aka yummy in my tummy. Loaded with extra whipped cream and two forks for sharing my sugar free week felt well justified.

Schloss Schönbrunn finished out my sightseeing tour. The beautiful gardens provided an excellent landscape to share a last few moments with my dear friend.

Tomorrow, I will head home for less than 24 hours before leaving  for Stuttgart and preparing to help my other sweet friend from Youth in Mission put the finishing touches on her wedding. Trips to Heidelberg and hiking should be filled with love and laughter and I can’t wait to celebrate her! And also exciting will be a visiting minister from Iceland so our sermon will be in English! No translating for me!!!

I wish you all a blessed Monday!

But the book, don’t forget!!!!  Did I mention it’s also hilarious? As in you probably shouldn’t take a sip of water before reading the real life examples kind of hilarious!  It’s here on Amazon: Love and Respect!

Blessing to you all!






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