Another Town – Another Cow

Three long but fulfilling days warranted a day of peace and rest today. Beginning the day in prayer and song at Julia’s local church – we followed that with a quiet stroll through her charming town of Farnham.

2015 Manchester, England

2016 Farnham, England

2017 – I’ll be back.

Apparently, I have a thing for cows….

The town was filled with a mixture of old tudor style buildings and a new hipster vibe.

After a quiet afternoon of Watermelon lemonade,

We headed to the deserted castle ruins!

The rest of the day was spent reading and exploring Waverley Abbey!

We took a few moments to take some last minute pictures to commemorate my peaceful visit in this beautiful country!


My current state is one of bliss and immobility. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten so much in my life and standing up is a little difficult right now. Perhaps I’ve taken an uncanny likeness to the cow I kissed this morning. Complete with a proper roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding, my lovely hosts are sending me back to Germany in all happiness.

A very Happy 23rd Birthday to Ms. Alice H! Thanks for always staying by my side, taking me to picnics in the Rheinaue, and just being an overall wonderful human being! I’m blessed to have such an intelligent and unique friend to share life with!


Today is also another very special day as my incredible and witty sister graduated with her Master’s from Auburn University! I’m so proud of you! I know you will do amazing things as you continue to serve the Alabama population! Monday is also her first wedding anniversary! Congratulations and I wish you and Adam another beautiful, happy, and Godly year of marriage!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey through the England! A small break and and then I’ll head to Vienna and Slovakia next week! As always, let me know if you want postcards! 🙂

Blessings as Always,



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