Finding London

When traveling, one always hopes that the artistry of the innumerable photographs preceding the arrival to a hailed city will not overshadow the natural beauty that waits to be explored. Luckily for me, the unique and personable company has been greater than even the tallest of buildings and today too did not disappoint, for Julia is the funniest person I’ve yet to meet in my life.

Welcomed by the London eye, my eye was in turn popping at the grandeur surrounding me. All I could do was grin. Me, the one never at a loss for words reduced to grinning that in turn left Julia in tears from laugher.

I longed to go in the famous Westminster Abbey but refused to pay the Highway-Robbery prices labeled at 21 pounds per person per entry. We planned to come back at 5 for the free song service happening today, but my favorite past-time caught up with me. Bonus points if you can name it. – but more on that later. The Cathedral, however, was open and we popped in for just a moment.

I found Nemo today! No, really! I did! As we passed through the gate into the park, there I saw it! Nemo in a bag. In an attempt to promote business, I can only assume, Aquabeads – a London based company – placed only 100 Nemo and Dory beaded fish around London and I found one! I have a 1/100 chance of winning a trip to Disney – Paris! How exciting! I’ll keep y’all updated!

After a quick peak to see if the queen was in Buckingham Palace, since she missed out on tea with us yesterday in Windsor, we had a lovely picnic in Hyde Park! The flowers were in full bloom creating the perfect scenic back drop for our proper London outing.

All the while we took our time to stop and smell the roses!

As I lay in the stillness of Hyde park, a gentle breeze swept my little Nemo away only to be rescued by Julia who responded without missing a beat, “Oh blast, if that had flown off any further, then that really would have been finding Nemo!”

We played proper tourists and had a blast eating Ice cream, cupcakes, and fake telephoning from the iconic red phone booths!

Entering a food coma, we both fell dead asleep in Trafalgar Square. So I can now cross sleeping in  London park off my bucket list.

As I thanked Julia for showing me around her city she proclaimed, “Well…with me it’s really more like finding London…Oh look there’s a building, and another one, and we’re going in this one because I need the Loo!”

As we giggled and packed ourselves like sardines into the tube to head back home, I remained ever joyful for our friendship and our continued walks sharing life along the river side – though today was the Thames instead of the Rhein!

May you all be ever blessed and have happy and full bellies as I had today!

Much love as always,




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