Ganz Normal

The week post-vacation is seemingly always the hardest to adjust. I was eased back in with fewer hours which was greatly appreciated on my behalf. Able to catch up with friends on this strangely sunny week, runs through the forest, reading books by the pool, and walking home with froyo all provided highlights after coming … More Ganz Normal

Vienna a la Disney

1. They have security guards in ice cream shops. Guarding frozen milk is of the utmost importance. 2. Mozart’s head is equivalent to Mickey Mouse. 3. Natives dress in period costumes wanting to take pictures with you. And so on and so forth…. The parliament building  provided the first source of entertainment and the grandeur … More Vienna a la Disney

The Sound of Music

Four years old sitting on the ground as my mom combed my hair, the Sound of Music captivated my every move. My favorite movie has long dictated pieces of my life. I identify with Maria. A well-meaning God- fearing, forever hopeful and optimistic woman who sings in the hills, sits properly on pinecones, and tries … More The Sound of Music

Becoming Jane

I’ve played part in the witty banter of Emma Woodhouse, Fallen on the hillside only to be rescued by Mr. Willoughby, and stunned Mr. Darcy with my quick wit, but never did I ever think I would walk the inspired grounds of the one and only, Miss Jane Austen. And yet, that’s where I found … More Becoming Jane

Finding London

When traveling, one always hopes that the artistry of the innumerable photographs preceding the arrival to a hailed city will not overshadow the natural beauty that waits to be explored. Luckily for me, the unique and personable company has been greater than even the tallest of buildings and today too did not disappoint, for Julia … More Finding London