Emily Erdbeer

Growing up, people identify with different Disney characters, American Girl Dolls, Barbies, Power Rangers, Super Heroes, Harry Potter, and other imaginary and superficial beings in an attempt to identify and find a sense of belonging in this tangled world we live in. Where standing out and individuality are discouraged unless you’ve already “made it,” that desire to belong is heightened without a true sense of self.

I, like many others ,took my hand playing Ariel and Felicity, but with bright orange hair, a wacky first and last name, coupled with a larger than life personality – blending in has never been my strong suit.

[Well, unless you count that time that my hair blended in with my American girl doll’s hair. You see, I used to cut my own hair….and poorly I might add – So bad until the point that my mother told me if I cut my hair one more time she was going to cut it all off….And she meant it….And that same night, she found hair the exact same color as my own in the trash can…And she was up all night thinking she would have to follow through with her words, until she had the bright idea to check my doll’s hair. Needless to say, my collectible doll is significantly less valuable thanks to my abhorrent barber skills, but I escaped the embarrassment of a shaved head.]

Anywho, my tiny little humans often have, shall we say, strong feelings about who should play Emily Erdbeer – or as you may know her, Strawberry Shortcake. And sometimes, I pipe up and claim to be Kensley Erdbeer. They’re not amused. But let’s for a moment just talk about my love of strawberries. Strawberry soap, Strawberry chap stick, lotion, whatever. You name it, I own it.

A few months back, I had the most delicious strawberry anything in my entire life. Definitely beats the Christmas Strawberry pancake cake of 2011 {Family Jokes Galore.} I’ve come to decide that the French have the best breakfast on the face of this planet. And with that famous French baguette, I was offered homemade strawberry marmalade. I {embarrassingly} downed probably something close to half that jar over my stay… Please forgive me!!! ….But alas, with all grace and tact, they let me enjoy myself and even graciously passed on the secret family recipe.

I’ve been on the lookout for strawberries – really good strawberries- all summer and today I finally found them. With all eagerness and elation at the find, I set home to make my first batch of Erdbeer Marmelade.

The wait to taste is only bearable by the joy I know is ahead! What I love about this, is that I know every ingredient put into my jelly! (Marmalade sounds a wee bit too fancy for this Southern girl!) It’s cheaper and healthier. (Not claiming jelly to be a health food by any means,) BUT, I know there are not chemicals being pumped into my body. And even to do something as simple as make homemade jelly honors God and that gives me great joy. It allows me to be mindful of unnecessary spending and aware of what’s being put into this earthy body that he’s given me to take care of.

In the meanwhile, I’m feeding my brain. I’m either a masochist, an info sponge, or some form of beneficial combination of the two. I’ve registered for two German classes today. I’m really in between two levels and so I signed up for both. I don’t want to be bored to tears but know I still need the valuable grammatical lessons available from the lower level, however, I still want to be challenged by the upper.

I’m trying desperately not to count down the days til my Urlaub (Vacation in two days!) because I know my precious time here is numbered. I’ll be happy to be reunited with Jules in London in just one week!

IMG_9146 I’m truly beside myself at the evil that continues to present itself in this beloved country. Thank you all for your prayers and for checking in on me! It means the world! Pray for those of this nation that good may come from this evil, that they may come to know our maker. And pray for those not of this country who seem to have some sort of darkness holding over them, that they may be released from the sin holding them captive.

I pray always for you. I wish you a beautiful day as always! May God’s peace and many blessings be ever flowing into your life.

Til next time,



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