Fancying Friday

Fridays are usually my busiest day of the week and today was no exception. Fortunate enough to have the majority of the day off of work today, I wanted to venture outside of the norm. On days where my workload is lessened, I have the tendency to embrace the few moments of calm and quiet that I can sneak in. I often will stay the entire day at home reading, studying, practicing, etc. absolutely as happy as a clam. Speaking of studying, my brand new book came in today! It’s a short-story German learning series that I absolutely adore. I received one (Cafe in Berlin,) as a birthday present and now I’m hooked. Learning is the best gift you can give and so I can’t wait to dive into Ferien in Frankfurt next! IMG_9135

However, putting all dreams of getting lost into a book aside, I took advantage of this time to explore a little more of the region.Instead of lunching with my prior host-family as per usual, they graciously volunteered to drive me and accompany me on my venture an hour north probably much to the sheer delight of my mother who squirms every time I mention traveling alone. Plus…I tend make interesting friends on my trips. Case in point…We had an invigorating conversation…..


Among the top 5 richest cities in Germany,I was transported back to my time in Paris as I walked down the Prada pampered street of Königsallee. Adorned with the scents of Dior and the diamonds of Tiffany’s, the exuberant wealth cast shadows upon the majority of those who walked the pristine-like sidewalks. And while the price of one handbag on that street is more than I’ll make in a year, it was more than the price tag or the pommes frites that made me sick to my stomach. There on the sidewalk were physical human being s evidently starved from lack of food, with torn clothes, and holey-shoes. The stark contrast put there right in front of your eyes puts your life immediately into such a different perspective.

Perspective changed all around me on this trip – including physically when we ascended 168 meters into to the air to grasp a look at the town from the Rheinturm.


In continuation of the theme of perspective, when we arrived at center church, originally constructed in December of 1881 – Esther announced how new the church was. It’s amusing to me, because I consider that quite old but in comparison to the depth of the European cathedral, it’s apparently a young-ling.

The church was bombed in June of 1943 and only the outer walls remained. St. John’s Church reopened in 1953 to rebuild. In 1997, they opened a cafe in the foyer and the building now serves in a multi-faceted function.

The day in itself was lovely filled with friendship and laughter for all!

And as I returned home to dive deep into my German studies, I sat alone in the house and roared with laughter – probably more from sheer exhaustion rather than the actual hilarity of the exercise. But really?? Someone at Duolingo gets paid to come up with these sentences? Please, my German speaking friends…tell me, Have you EVER said this to anyone?

Perhaps the goofy sentences serve as a publicity technique similar to Starbucks’ tactic to misspell names to achieve recognition on social platforms such as Instagram. Case in point.


Although a French-speaking friend assures me that this is how you would spell out my name if you sounded it out according to French pronunciation. I’m not yet convinced. #FlashbackFridayToBelgium

I’ll let y’all stew on that over some fried chicken and sweet tea! (Someone send me some!)

Happy Friday my sweet friends and a very Happy Sabbath!

Blessings as always,



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