Exploring the Rheinland

Part of the privilege that accompanies a move to the Rheinland presents itself in the form of free coupons for education and leisure experiences. /Just a short six months in to this journey/ I finally opened one for the Aritmeum that is self-described as, “an experience with many facets: among which are not only the learning and understanding of scientific and technological facts, but also the aesthetic enjoyment of the architecture and the many interaction with art.”

Comprised 4 stories tall, floor to ceiling with technology across the centuries and new-age art, one would be at a complete loss at where to start if there wasn’t a guide to instruct you to begin at the top and work your way down according to chronological order.

No personal pictures are allowed to be posted onto social media, but google graciously let me borrow these to give you a small look into the amazing museum right in my backyard. (Personal pictures available by email upon request!)

With 1st edition books from Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton staring back at you, there is for a fleeting moment, a glimpse into some of the greatest minds of the age. There even stood in the basement, a United States Ballot Box dating back to 1889 – if only we could restore it now to its rightful place, perhaps we would have a better outcome in this dreadful election that precedes us…Kidding…sort of. (That’s as political as I’ll get…well probably!)

Walking through, while in a state of complete amazement, if I could have for a second tapped my imaginary red heels and transported myself home so that my dad or my grandpa could have seen the museum, I would have. There are some things that you can’t always fully appreciate without better knowledge and I know that they would have loved it!

I’m on the countdown to my Sommerferien:

Two weeks til London

Three til Vienna/Salzburg/Bratislava

Four til Stuttgart

And I just today booked my trips in October to Berlin, Iceland, and on the recommendation of my beloved grandfather, Copenhagen.

It seems so strange to book things that far out now. While exceedingly excited for each journey, I’m also bundled up in knots at the thought of leaving this country I’ve come to know as home.

I’ve grown here. I’ve lived. I’ve learned. I’m not the same – and for the better.

The people and places that I’ve shared life with have impacted me greatly and I love being here. I love living life here!

Til the next adventure gives me reason to write, may I leave you all with God’s many blessings, for peace, for patience, for strength, and for love. Go be a blessing to someone you love today and to someone you don’t yet know by name! Let us pray together for our current leaders, for future leaders, for friends, for this world.



P.S. If you want a postcard from any specific place, I’m taking requests by email or facebook now 🙂




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