“Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher.” Excuse me? You want me to say, what?

You see… I have this rule, ( to help the girls learn English,) that if the girls want something, that have to ask me in English. I’m sure there’s some rule of physch in some book some where that explains that when we want something, really want something, then we work 10 times harder for it.

Well, the table was now turned. There was something literally on the table that I wanted and it was my turn to ask for it in German…


Kann ich bitte den….Eier…the egg device thing haben??

Denglish truly at its finest. But that wasn’t going to fly.

Kann ich bitte den Eier schalen – Shalen  soll – Soll bruchstellen – Bruchstellen verursacher – Verursacher haben?

With slight…ok a LOT of prompting from my guest parents, I was graciously given the eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher.

I assume that if you are like me and you look at this word at first glance, you might could plausibly assume that I had simply typed a bunch of letters at will without thinking…and had I been studying any other language but German, you would probably be correct.

But no…the Germans in all their sensibility actually created a word that describes exactly what this contraption does.

Eierschale ‎(egg shell) + Sollbruchstelle ‎(predetermined breaking point) + Verursacher ‎(causer).

This is the coolest device and mom, I’m going to bring you one! After all those years of nearly burning my hands trying to peel hot-boiled eggs for church potlucks and picnics, all our problems have been solved! Thanks, Germany!

The week in itself has been rather uneventful, but uneventful doesn’t always mean bad. Peaceful. Quiet. Tranquil. In truth, it’s been a joy.

I picked up my clarinet as I promised my beloved professor that I would do. Expecting sounds of horrific proportions,I plugged my headphones into the computer and turned Netflix up as loud as I possibly could to avoid the inevitable sounds daring to escape this over-priced piece of French wood that has been held hostage for the past year. But through my headphones, I failed to hear the rat-a-tat-tat from the tiny little humans that I care for. And giving me only slightly less than a heart attack as they entered my room to hear me play, they stood in amazement of me and this instrument that I played.

Du bist sehr gut!” They exclaimed and it melted my heart. Of all the words I needed to hear in that moment, those were them. And then they ran and brought me their Kinderlieder buch for me to play songs from. And I played and they sang and it was the sweetest moment of all my time in Germany thus far. And they wanted to give a concert for their parents. And so, my first time playing the clarinet in 1 year turned into a time to inspire, a time to perform, and a time for memories and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


In other news…

I miss Reese’s. They sell them only in the English store here in Bonn, but I absolutely cannot in my full conscious pay €2.39 for only 2 Reese’s so I’ve taken to buying chocolate and dipping it in my own personal jar of peanut butter. Frugality at its finest.

The German Olympic Team has been named! My long time favorite gymnast, Mr. Fabian Hambuechen, is on his way to his 4th Olympics. I’m rooting especially for him this year as he has fought his way back through injury. In 2004 he didn’t win a medal, 2008 – Bronze, 2012 – Silver, and I’m hoping he can continue the trend and pull the Gold for 2016!


Through all this world turmoil, I often feel lost as to how I can help in the midst of such evil. And I’ve come to the conclusion, that for now, in my present situation, pure, simple, and unadulterated kindness is my goal and focus. For who knows if the jilted and misguided human beings who have caused so much pain had been shown love and kindness would have had a change of heart and a different story would have been written.

I think fondly on my many times in France and my heart breaks that this country has yet again been the target of pure evil. I wish for nothing more than restored peace and joy so that all my experience the happy and carefree moments I’ve been privileged to.


May you all be blessed and overwhelmed with God’s love this week!

Always, Kens.


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