The Fourth of July

I wouldn’t have expected to spend any Fourth of July as an expat. Especially after spending it last year on the breathtaking Echo Lake under one of the most expansive Firework shows to be seen. I wouldn’t have expected to spend today”celebrating” from home as one of the tiny precious humans I care for came down with a fever. But failed or rather different results from prior expectations don’t always equal disappointment.

The night ended with a scrappy bunch of expats joined by fellow friends hailing from Britain and Slovenia coming together for food and friendship.

In a comical and amusing fashion, the two non-Americans showed up with food and the four expats showed up with all the ammunition to start a fire. Mimics real life a bit doesn’t it? I kid, I kid.

With pink and yellow marshmallows and a special type of non-graham cracker, we made s’mores in celebration of our country!

All joking aside, I actually helped build the fire and managed to escape without injury!

Jules, my witty, British, kindred-spirit, had no idea that we put extra chocolate on top of the graham crackers. Her world has been changed to which she exclaimed, “OH, it’s melting!” as if it were the wicked witch of the west! Both happy and sad that her country lost the war, at least her stomach was happy!

And as is our trend, the terrible trio of pictures continue. But the belly-aching, bent-over-doubled laughing that ensued makes it all worth the while!

Aside from just a day to grill and spend time with family, I’m grateful to every man and woman who has served our country, is serving our country, and will serve our country – especially my own family. The military gets a lot of backlash for government-based decisions and yet they are doing their job with ever ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that they can muster. They love this country and the principles it was founded on. I am proud to be American though that seems to not hold much weight these days. I stand behind our troops, the troops that continue to protect my right to speak my mind, even to write this blog as freely as I do. The men and women who continue to give me the freedom to unashamedly proclaim my faith in Christ.

So, Happy Fourth of July. God Bless the United States of America. And God Bless each and every one of you!

With so much love and many prayers and blessings,




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